If you follow me on Instagram, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that doing makeup is one of my top interests, and I think it’s time I shared my favourite products. Most of these I have actually used for years! Little disclaimer: There's drugstore products included as well here, but generally, I believe that, with makeup, you definitely get what you pay for. I have also added pictures of all my products, some of which look slightly abused thanks to excessive usage - I've really been using them loads. This post isn't sponsored in any way.

FIT me! Foundation and Concealer by Maybelline

I love this combination because the products are so creamy and have a radiant finished, just as promised on the packaging. They're not full coverage either, which is amazing, as I don't like super heavy makeup on myself. Also, they actually last quite long as you don't need an exorbitant amount of the product despite not being full-coverage. I have tried more expensive foundations too, but this one is clearly a favourite.

I’ve been spending so much time figuring out what colour fits my skin best, and if you have the same skin tone as me, you can now benefit from it: for the makeup I use shade number 105 in winter, 115 in summer and a mix of the two for the transition periods. The concealer I use is shade number 05 in winter and 15 or 20 in summer. I do occasionally mix the shades depending on whether I'm doing a full face of makeup and want to actually highlight my under-eye area or just a light makeup and want to cover up dark circles.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter by Becca

I have tried so many different highlighters, but this one is my absolute favourite. Becca offer a range of different shades, so you can pick the one that fits your skin tone best and doesn't leave a weird white or brown streak on your face. This highlighter is so glowy that it makes your skin look almost wet, not just shiny, which I adore. It is quite expensive but does last forever: this one I bought three years ago. I'm using the shade moonstone.

Extra tip: using the liquid highlighter as a base under your makeup gives the whole look an even more radiant finish.

Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay

I have only started using this one quite recently actually, but I absolutely love it and I can say with full conviction that this is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried. It adds so much volume to my lashes, doesn't make them clump together and most important of all: doesn't transfer! This is a huge problem I have with mascaras normally. Though I do think the name of the product is slightly questionable, I'm definitely going to buy it in full size once this tester is gone, which is probably going to happen very soon.

Stripdown Lipliner and Blankety Amplified Lipstick by Mac Cosmetics

These two products are absolutely necessary for my perfect nude lip as they work together so well. Both products are warm shades but the liner is slightly darker, which gives the lip structure and dimension. Using just the lipstick would have the opposite effect and make my lips disappear. The liner glides on so smoothly and the lipstick stays on very well despite the creamy finish - absolute dream combination!

Coloriche Lipsticks by L'Oréal Paris

These are great as they don't make you as poor as high-end lipsticks but still provide great quality! They're easy to use, last really well and don't transfer too much. This one is my favourite red, it's so saturated and pigmented and doesn't dry out your lips despite the matte finish. It also smells great which is a huge plus!

Extra tip: currently, I use the shiny Coloriche lipsticks for my blush every day.

Cocoa Blend Palette by Zoeva

Who doesn't love warm tones when it comes to eyeshadow? Exactly - not a single soul. Even I, someone who has cool toned skin and exclusively wears silver jewellery, definitely do prefer warm shades on my eyes. The reason I love this palette so much is its versatility: it's got a full range from light to dark shades as well as shimmers and mattes. Zoeva shadows in general are super pigmented and blend extremely well, and I think they're actually underrated. They're not even that expensive either. This is my favourite palette for everyday makeup - loved also by my good friend Lorena!

Gimme Brow Brow Gel by Benefit

A real life-saver for someone who wasn't blessed with perfect eyebrows but instead two sparse streaks of hair above their eyes that barely pass as brows. You can relate? Let me introduce you to Gimme Brow! (Salesman quality or what?) If you run this through your brows in both directions it leaves tiny particles in them, which make your brows appear fuller - magic! After using this product, I take any brow pencil to fill in the blank spaces and finish everything up. For Gimme Brow I use shade number 3.

All Nighter Setting Spray by Urban Decay

Last but not least an absolute classic in the makeup world. This one is hardly a revelation as it's probably everyone's favourite setting spray. Rightfully so, though, because it doesn't just help all your hard work stay in place, it also makes the makeup really melt in with your skin. I don't know how it works exactly, but it gives your face the skin-like texture back after putting makeup on which is absolutely amazing! It also adds a little bit of shine to your skin.

Most of these products are part of my daily routine and I seriously can't live without them. If you love makeup or are just looking for products that are worth investing in, these are definitely hot candidates.

Please do let me know what your favourite makeup products are in the comments!