...to my very first post on this site ever. Feels like a pretty big moment, and if I'm being honest, I am actually a bit nervous. But thanks to my almost compulsive need to always do things I am not a hundred percent comfortable with, here we go anyway! Since this is a personal blog, meaning it will deal with different topics related to me and my personal life in some shape or form, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself so you can get to know me and decide whether reading my posts is actually worth your time. 

I was born in the great year of 1997, doomed to spend my life being on the cusp of generations Y (aka the millennials) and Z, which really set my life off to a great start with a solid identity crisis. Who am I if I'm not a true child of the 90s nor a snapchatting TikToker? Do I relate to roasting 2000s babies or to them snapping back? Pretty tricky questions for an inbetweener. Luckily, I found a way of looking at the matter that kind of solved the problem for me (warning: if you’re a millennial yourself, the following might trigger you): Most of my long-term friends are about three years older than me (except for Julian who turns 30 this year, shoutout to you, old sport!), making them millennials and me an adoptee of their generation which is what I’ve decided to roll with. Pretty simple actually, sorry if you thought I’d crack the code or something.

Apart from this absolute first world problem, my life has been pretty stress-free so far. I grew up safely in the bosom of a more or less charming little town in Southern Germany. Then, three years ago, when I turned 20 and finally had enough of the small-town life, I packed my stuff, kissed my momma goodbye and moved to the big city to start uni life as a literature student, which brings me to one of my absolute passions and pretty much only talent: language.

Being passionate about language comes with a few perks and a truckload of downsides. Perks: quickly picking up on new languages and hardly making spelling or grammar mistakes. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Downsides: feeling extremely bothered by other people’s spelling and grammar mistakes, seeming like an arrogant arsehole for correcting said spelling and grammar mistakes, being an absolute pain for sending 7-minute long WhatsApp voice mails because you love talking, coming across like a pretentious snob for enjoying slightly sophisticated language  and these are only the worst ones.* This very passion for language, though, ultimately inspired me to start this blog – a space dedicated to all my thoughts and where I can let my creative writing juices flow freely.

Now, despite what the lecture I just gave and the name of this blog may suggest, I’m probably everything but a sophisticated donna, however, I do like to trick people into thinking I am one. But in all honesty, going to a fancy restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter) on a first date is a no-go for me because, quite frankly, I don’t know how to eat properly. Even drinks can be a real challenge: On my last first date I got red wine all over my white t-shirt which was obviously brilliant, so I wouldn’t recommend ordering something that stains. Oh and red wine also makes you look like you haven’t brushed your teeth in 4 years so you might want to take that into consideration when going on your next rendezvous and you don't want to send your date running.

Well, I think that should give you a rough idea as to what I’m like as well as the type of content you can expect on this blog. To be a little more precise though, I mainly just want to share my thoughts and point of view on life and all the things that make it worth living. To wrap it up, welcome to my very own corner of the internet where the world revolves around me and only me. And no, losing the status as an only child 20 years ago did not traumatise me deeply. Obviously. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my stories as much as I’ll enjoy writing them. Thanks for taking the time and checking out my first post, it means the world!


***having said all that, if you’ve found an error in this text, please let me know so I can dig myself a deep hole to lie in and die in eternal shame.

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