Ever recreated a makeup look or tried a simple technique recommended by a YouTuber or Instagrammer and realised it doesn’t even remotely look like the original? Ever bought an eye-wateringly expensive product because it was all over social media just to discover that it does absolutely nothing for you? Join the club.

It is incredibly frustrating to invest time, money and effort into something that has no outcome at all apart from disappointment and the urge to throw your brush out of the window. How dare my makeup does not look exactly like the reference even though I used the same products and pedantically recreated every step of the tutorial!

Evidently, it was quite painful for me to reach the realisation that makeup will look different on every face. Being absolutely mesmerised by the glamorous looks some makeup artists on Instagram conjure up, it is very easy to overlook the fact that their facial features are often miles away from one's own, which mainly results in complete failure when trying to recreate a look step by step.

Rather than copying a makeup look to minute detail, it would probably be more promising to just get some inspiration and then change it up to suit your face. It took me a little while (ages) to figure out what best goes with my skin tone, eye-shape and bone structure. For example, it is virtually impossible for me to wear a fat, dramatic winged eyeliner simply because I have hooded eyelids. Did I try to wear a fat, dramatic winged liner for years nonetheless then beat myself up every time it turned out looking atrocious? Absolutely.

What I do instead now is a half-wing, which just makes so much sense regarding my eye-shape. I cannot believe, though, that someone else had to come up with this idea first for me to even consider it a possibility. But I guess this how actual makeup artistry justifies its existence and distances itself from the ordinary consumer. Thank god for creative souls, who come up with life-saving yet simple ideas like this one. In any case, next time you are about to give up on makeup entirely, have a close look in the mirror and think about how a colour-combination or technique can work on your own face. Time to say good-bye to makeup-frustration and hello to individuality!