When I started writing this post with the intention to talk about makeup creators whose work I admire, I realised half-way through that the reason I so adore these accounts is actually the entirety of their appearance. These accounts don’t just inspire with their amazing makeup but their whole aesthetic and energy they radiate. I have realised that, for me, the person behind the content is as, if not more, important than the content itself. I think the people behind these accounts are some of the most authentic, inspiring and unproblematic content creators in the beauty world, and here's why:

1 | @alexandraclare

Let’s start with Alex, who I had to include here because she is one of the many micro-influencers that deserve SO much more support! She is one of my favourite artists out there and it seriously baffles me how she doesn’t have a million followers yet. Her makeup is so elevated, creative and – best of all – super grungy! She produces that kind of makeup that makes you want to sit down immediately and recreate it. Or at least try because, let's face it, she sets the bar unbelievably high. The colour schemes Alex comes up with are absolutely amazing as she has a real talent to make brightly coloured eyeshadow not look scary or tacky. As you can tell I’m just blown away by her work.

What I really like about Alex is that she doesn't follow the false idea of thinking you have to say certain things to please your audience. Because more often than not this results in influencers seeming drafted and insincere, which I have witnessed happening all too often. Her account is all about the art of makeup – nothing more, nothing less. Alex has a YouTube channel as well but doesn’t post as regularly on there. Her looks are mainly to be found on Instagram.

2 | @sophfloyd

Sophie’s Instagram account isn’t mainly based around makeup. She’s a tattoo apprentice from Brighton, UK and primarily posts picture of her outfits, showcasing a style so fashionable, it could feature in magazines. Her makeup is similarly flawless and definitely worth taking a look at. She stays away from trends most of the time, comes up with original ideas and sticks to her very own routine that complements her features. Sophie is the perfect inspiration for everyday glam makeup. And by that I actually mean ‘everyday’. Unlike many beauty influencers, who claim their extravagant (but of course amazing) makeup is suitable for the everyday when it's really not, Sophie proposes glam looks that are completely wearable. Apart from that she also posts more creative styling ideas, like this recreation of Lilly Collins's makeup look of last year's Met Gala:

Sophie is unapologetic yet absolutely lovely, stays away from drama and minds her own business. Which she does extremely successfully. Before she started her tattoo apprenticeship, she used to create tattoo designs digitally, which she shared on her Instagram and sold to people, who loved her artwork. She has also just released her first jewellery collection. Next to makeup, fashion and tattooing, she likes sharing favourite books on her Instagram stories, and on YouTube, you can watch her create her makeup looks while talking about important as well as controversial topics in the most effortless way. Not impressive enough? She only just turned 21.

3 | @itslikelymakeup

To this day, I am fully convinced that Jordi needs to receive all credit for the world loving blush again. The Canada-based makeup artist has been using blusher (heavily) for years and even so at times, when no one dared even considering rosy cheeks and blusher was dead to most people. Going on a trip down her Instagram feed, it becomes apparent that she has never been a huge fan of contouring and nude makeup. Instead, she wins over with colour, actual makeup-artistry and intense creativity. She sticks to her personal fairy-like style and always comes up with new and unconventional ways to use beloved products and techniques, and in my eyes, often redefines notions of beauty.

Jordi is a mum of two and, alongside doing makeup, has recently started advocating for body positivity, making her an extremely valuable part of the beauty industry. Particular this post of her is an interesting read:

4 | @bellejorden

Belle is a makeup artist from the UK, who lives in Calgary, Canada with her tattoo artist husband Antony Flemming and their dachshund babies Stanley and Penny (check Belle's story for frequent updates and puppy pics). Belle and Antony have recently opened a tattoo shop together, where Belle – just like Sophie – is doing a tattoo apprenticeship, putting her in the unusual position of being a shop owning apprentice.

The newfound responsibility of learning a new job while taking care of her own tattoo studio has naturally resulted in her production of makeup content quieting down a bit. Thankfully, though, she's still uploading makeup related content once in a while because her work is truly amazing. Her looks are radiating bad bitch energy and embody absolute perfection to the tiniest detail.

Even though looking like an absolute badass, all covered in tattoos, Belle is one of the most considerate and compassionate influencers I have ever come across. She openly advocates for minority groups, such as the LGBTQ+ community and Black Lives Matter movement, and has been living on a plant-based diet for years, snippets of which she sometimes shares with her subscribers on YouTube next to her usual makeup content.

All these creators have so much more to offer than just makeup. I have followed each of them for quite some time, so I can say with conviction that they are beautiful inside out and keep inspiring on so many more levels than just the way we do makeup.

Through authenticity and an absolutely unproblematic behaviour, they each create a safe space for beauty-lovers all across the world and eliminate the toxic idea of competition.

This post is to celebrate these female powerhouses, actively designing their lives and fulfilling their dreams through hard work and dedication – all while being kind to themselves and others. These accounts make my daily scrolls through Instagram feel very secure and create hope of a realer, more authentic and human approach to working as an influencer as well as the ever deceptive world of social media.