Shazam Finds:

Tune or trash? #1

As I’m sure is the case for many people, music is one of my reliable sources of happiness and hope. The first thing I do in the morning is turn on the coffee machine and the speaker: a sip of coffee and the first tunes of "It’s Now or Never" by Elvis provide me with the strength and energy needed to deal with another day of never-ending human idiocy.

For a music-lover, Shazam is an indispensable basic, which I whip out the second I can only sense the presence of a potential tune. As a result, my Shazam list is both a mine of hidden gems and, unsurprisingly, a landfill of hideous lapses of taste.

Since I love having songs recommended to me, I want to give some of that music-shaped love back to you. Let’s comb through my recent Shazam finds together and see how many buried hits and shits are about to see the light of day. Get ready to (re)discover your favourite songs and let me warmly welcome you to "Shazam Tune or Trash"!

Let's Do It Again - J Boog

This song just screams "SUMMER!!!" so hard you can feel its spit on your face, doesn't it? Released in 2011, the reggae hit definitely deserves a revival ten years later. Add it to your summer playlist before it starts raining again.

Verdict: Tune

Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band

I distinctly remember arrogantly exclaiming “My God, what is this?” to my friend when it came on the other day, then proceeded to secretly shazam it. I guess we all have our guilty pleasures and mine definitely are the musical chasms of the 1980s.

Verdict: It hurts me to say, but this one's trash

You Want It Darker (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) – Leonard Cohen

Paul Kalkbrenner’s take on Leonard Cohen’s sinister hit, that sounds like an extension of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, is the winner of the list for me. How do you even get your voice to sound like this? The electronic beats create the perfect symphony with Cohen's ghost ride-voice.

Verdict: Absolute tune!

Mount Everest – Labrinth

Found on Instagram and felt the gravity immediately. Listening to it again now, I think I deserve a pat on the back for shazaming this. To be honest, I have never quite got over my musical crush on Labrinth ever since "Earthquake", so I might be biased.

Verdict: Issa tune

Power To All Our Friends – Cliff Richard

My stepdad got a record player for his birthday a few weeks back and he played this single on it, which makes this shazam found probably the first one I’ve ever got from vinyl.

Verdict: A tune

Afraid No More – Bukahara

A great song for everyone haunted by their (irrational) fears. Upbeat, comforting, light as a feather. Bukahara are an international band, with members from Germany, Syria, Tunisia and Switzerland. Formed in 2009 after studying Jazz music together in Cologne, the band have been taking Germany by storm with their jazzy sound, classical instruments and full-of-life performances. If you like this song, I highly recommend "No!" as well!

Verdict: Tuuuune!

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

If I tell you that I shazamed this while getting tattooed, do you absolutely get the dodgy tattoo parlour vibes? I cannot unhear it now.

Verdict: Tune!

Going Up The Country – Canned Heat

I don’t even know what happened here. Do you know that feeling of remotely recognising the song and wanting to know what it is? I think that's the reason for this particular let-down in the preceding row of cool songs, if I may say so myself.

Verdict: Trash

Fallin' – Alicia Keys

I feel like this one doesn't really count as it's so well-known, but all of the songs are taken straight out of my Shazam history as it is, so I really have no choice. Please still enjoy this all-time classic from 2001, as it caresses your ears.

Verdict: Tune

Kangaroo – This Mortal Coil

Wow, apparently we're ending on a depressing note. This one sounds like it's from a film or a TV show, like How I Met Your Mother, but I have no idea where I found it. I must have felt mildly melancholic for shazaming this.

Verdict: Trash

I hope you enjoyed this little dive into the left hemisphere of my brain. The second Shazam treasure hunt will be published when I've collected the next batch of potential bangers.

Please feel free to share your own verdict of these songs in the comments!