To continue my little summer series here, I thought I’d talk a bit about what I like to wear and do fashion-wise during summer.


This one is probably my favourite. For someone with very fine hair like me bandanas are a real life-saver. While fine hair gets dirty pretty quickly anyway, naturally you’re going to sweat more during summer, which means your hair gets dirty significantly faster during this time.

This is where bandanas come into play. Instead of covering your hair in highly inflammable dry shampoo and running risk of setting your head on fire with the sun burning down (joke, obviously), you can resort to bandanas (or literally any other head cloth) to use in between hair washing days. They can also help protecting you from getting a sunstroke, which can happen quite quickly when you have fine hair.

They exist in every colour of the rainbow and you can buy them in bulks off Amazon or at vintage shops.

Alternatives to Shorts

I never thought I would ever say this, but I don’t really feel comfortable in shorts anymore. At age 16 I was convinced I’d never wear anything else in summer, but as it turns out I don’t want my legs on show all the time anymore. If you still love and wear shorts as the main piece of clothing in summer that’s great, however, for the people who seek versatility or have chucked their shorts already I’ve got a few alternatives to offer.

I recently came to love biker shorts as they’re not as short as hot pants but still give your legs enough air to breathe. They’re great with XXXL t-shirts (add or take away one X, depending on your personal preference) or under slightly too short dresses to protect yourself from accidental mooning.

My favourite trend when it comes to bottom wear, is probably the wide legged jean that you literally see everywhere on the streets at the minute. They're the perfect piece of clothing, especially if you're out and about up until late at night as it can get a bit chilly after sunset, and during the day they’re not too hot either. They're so versatile as well and can be worn casually and chic.

If you prefer something even lighter you can go for flowing, long skirts instead. I don’t really like dresses or mini skirts, so long skirts are the perfect fit and they go great with my styling favourite number three!

Band Shirts

Now, this may be something where opinions differ, but I really don’t think you have to be a die-hard fan of a particular band in order to wear their shirts. Personally, I listen to most of the bands I wear and of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re at least heard of them, but essentially, it doesn’t matter.

I’m fed up with people whining about other people wearing “their bands”. I even had random people telling me to name a few songs of the band I was wearing to prove I’m actually a fan, no joke. Newsflash: I can wear whatever I want, and I like the look of it so suck it up or cry where I can't see you. So if someone is giving you a hard time for wearing a band shirt because you listen to pop mostly, just politely tell them to fuck off.

Band shirts are an all-time classic. I usually get them two to three sizes bigger, which I love as they don’t stick to your body that way and leave enough room for air to flow through. They’re so easy to change up and combine since they’re literally just t-shirts. Perfect for lazy dressers like me. Get them vintage but overpriced at Urban Outfitters or less authentic but cheap from H&M.

Less Makeup-Makeup

This one is more in the beauty department rather than fashion, but it belongs to styling, nonetheless. In summer, a thick layer of makeup just doesn’t work for me at all, not even at night when it has cooled down a bit. Luckily, there’s a trick that makes your skin look flawless without putting heavy makeup on.

Start with SPF moisturiser and a radiant primer, it will make your skin look more even and healthier from the start. Then, with a small brush, put makeup or concealer on your face but only where you really need it, for example where you have spots, blemishes or discolouring.

Be sure to use a shade that really matches your skin tone, else it might end up looking patchy. The end result is effortless, even skin that doesn’t look and (more importantly) feel like a full face of makeup. You’re welcome. Top it off with cream blush and light lipstick.