Week 3: The Two Faces of Autumn

Thu, 15/10/20

Ah, Autumn, the earth-coloured cousin of spring and the year’s second reminder that nature truly has the richest colour palette. Leaves turn yellow, red and brown and crunch under your feet when going out on an afternoon stroll through the city. As you’re sat outside a café with a warm drink in your hand, you watch hundreds of passers-by still spending time out in the open and enjoying the mild temperatures the new season has brought with it.

It’s safe to say that summer is finally over – the last warming sunrays hit the earth weeks ago. When it comes out now, the sun softly warms your face and paints the city golden, adding the final touches to the warm-toned artwork that autumn is. The air is crisp and cold but doesn’t sting yet – it’s perfectly mild, but you can already smell hints of the distant yet gradually approaching winter, briefly bringing back memories of Christmas, candles and cosiness.

Besides this very romantic, almost too-good-to-be-true-depiction of autumn, there is, like so often in life, a very different side to it. Leaves changing colour is a wonderful sight, but the caretaker whipping out his leaf blower at 7 in the morning unfortunately isn’t. Nothing beats a constant vrooming sound jolting you from your sleep first and then going on for another 45 minutes to make sure your morning is entirely ruined. Let’s also not forget having to wake up in almost complete darkness in the mornings followed by the minute-long struggle of trying to leave the warm and comforting embrace of your bed – pretty much the only thing that gives you life during these depressing times.

Remember the cold and crisp yet mild air? Turns out it transforms into an invisible knife thrust into your ears when the wind is blowing. To be topped only by heavy, sudden showers that are never predictable during this season. It’s probably better not to let your eager ambitions get the best of you and take the bicycle in the morning because before you know it, you’ll turn up to work one day completely drenched and with what feels like a moderately severe ear infection.

Sun in autumn a lovely idea. But sadly, it’s just that: an idea. For the most part, what we really get in autumn is a sky draped in clouds rendering the city grey and monotone for weeks on end. Time to let go of the false illusion of a rich colour palette because what autumn actually has in store is a thorough showcase of all the shades of grey, that will eventually deprive you of the last pathetic bit of hope of better days. The only thing that can be done when autumn is testing us like that is stay home, turn the kettle on and the radiator up, then snuggle up in a blanket and read a book. Maybe light a candle or two to set the mood, and then the grim darkness outside hopefully doesn’t seem half as bad.

In fairness, however, there is a silver lining to the this debacle: Even though winter’s little brother can be moderately depressing, the golden days depicted above definitely do exist. Thankfully, they’re not just some delusional fantasy and will actually come once in a while to break up the grey clouds and thus, deliver us from our inevitable suicidal thoughts.

Basically, what autumn is doing is stepping in to save us from the torture it has created in the first place. And then spoiling us with miraculous weather and sunshine just to take it away the next moment. Wow, I never realised what a dick autumn actually was!


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